Sunday, June 16, 2013

June '13 - Week in the Life - Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, & Day 7

Day Three - Wednesday, June 12th

Day Four - Thursday, June 13th
Day Five - Friday, June 14th
Day Six - Saturday, June 15th
Day Seven - Sunday, June 16th

First of all, I am so sorry that I haven't posted again! It's been such a hectic week and I wasn't even able to get any pictures :( I'm so sorry!!! Anyway, on to the rest of my week...

Wednesday -------

Today is pay day for the construction company. Also, I run payroll for my Aunt's daycare center every other week and this was her day as well. When I run payroll it takes about four hours. I have to enter hours, figure out taxes, garnishments, other deductions, do a banking transfer, submit payments for child support and wage garnishments, I have to print and mail pay stubs, and pay workers compensation. I also have to submit the hours to our Quickbooks system to be billed to our customers. It's kinda hectic, but it's my favorite day of the week!!!

This weekend is my cousin's graduation party - today we had to bake 4 dozen cupcakes to freeze so we can frost them Saturday morning.

Hailey had swimming lessons this evening - she's progressing so much! I'm very proud of her.

After swimming I met with an acquaintance about selling Thirty-One products. We got together at Tim Horton's and I think in July I might start selling to try and gain some extra money!

Thursday -------

Today I had to get up early to work at daycare as a sub for my aunt. I had to be there by 6:30 am and found that I do work better if I get up earlier... Who knew?!?!?

Because I got up so early I tried to just throw my hair up... I used one of those "hair donuts" to make a bun and it worked out well! If your hair is long enough you should try it! I got mine at Sally's Beauty Supply for like $4.

I got to take care of some really cute babies at the daycare :) Then I went back to the office to answer some e-mails and return some phone calls.

I got my hair cut (about 4 inches) and I got some bangs as well. It's nice and summery and I'm quite happy about it.

Friday -------

It's time to get ready for the party!!!!! We had to cut up veggie trays, prepare pasta salad, and set up tables. We had to do other things as well, but it took practically all day!

Hailey had her last swim lesson of the session tonight - she advanced from one class to another! So I signed her up for another round for the next two weeks :)

We stopped at Wal Mart after swimming and bought "Oz the Great and Powerful" then went home to watch it. Hailey and I stayed up kind of late to finish it. She loved it but I was not that impressed. Eh, oh well! That's all that happened today lol So boring!

Saturday -------


Seriously, lol, that's all we did ALL DAY!

Sunday -------

I recovered from the party ;)

I'm sorry that my WitL posts were not that detailed, and practically pictureless!



  1. I love party planning! Did you guys have a good party?? Good luck with 31, I know a few people that sell that. I was thinking of selling for dove chocolate. I cant stay at my job anymore! Thats sad about Oz, it looks so pretty on the previews! yay for summer hair cuts and congrats to Hailey doing so awesome on her swimming!

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    Let follow each other, follow me and do let me know so i can follow back ^_^