Thursday, May 16, 2013

HELLO Thursday

hoi! weekend --- boy weekend, do I have some big plans for you. It's Hailey's last dance practice Saturday morning, so we're saying goodbye to being awake by 7! Aunt Deb, Emma, and I will be scrap-booking for Sam's graduation party while we watch my new DVD series collection of Sex & the City!(thanks ebay). It's also the season finale of Doctor Who - we're going to FINALLY learn the Doctor's name!

hoi! family --- I can't get through my weeks without my awesome family support. My Mom, I couldn't get through the day without her; and my cousin, Angie, who helps me out with Hailey all the time. They're all amazing and I love them dearly.

hoi! crafting --- I haven't crocheted in almost a month and my fingers are itching to finish my Doctor Who slippers and start a slipper basket for Aunt Deb's new house. My goal is to create about twenty pairs of slippers in children's, women's, and men's sizes so no one tracks dirt in on her new wood floors! I'm also working on a Doctor Who cross stitch pattern which I'm very excited about!

hoi! twitter --- You're the one thing that I don't use enough but I love! There are so many things to express and take in. And all without the prying eyes of family, teachers, and "friends" that surround my Facebook. I am gearing up to use you more, sir!

hoi! penpal --- Last month I signed up for the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club and I made a new friend! I love writing letters, so this is one of the greatest things for me. I signed up for the June round yesterday and I can't wait to meet another new friend. I'm also dabbling with the idea of making my own paper for stationery this time around ;) I'll have to look on Pinterest!!!

doei! junk food --- I need to work on this.

doei! eating after 9 pm --- This also.

doei! being negative --- I'm a pessimist with an optimist's heart. I want to see the good in things but my instincts tell me that "that'll never happen". I really want to work on this more.


This weeks hello [hoi] and goodbye [doei] are brought to you by the Dutch language.

Until next time,



  1. Am I reading this correctly?? Did you post ??? :) Welcome back! What is this pen pal thing? It looks very interesting! I may have to partake in this.

    1. Yes :) I POSTED! I've had plans for a series of posts since January and I kept putting it off and putting it off. Finally I decided, NO MORE! lol Yes, you should sign up for the pen-pal "club"!!! It's free - except the cost of the stamp or postage if you decide to send a small gift. It's really nifty!