Monday, March 19, 2012

We Live on Front Portches and Swing Life Away

Hello!!!! Time for A Week in the Life again!

I'm excited :) Ready? Set?? GO!!!

Day One - Monday March 19th, 2012

the hospital i work at
Started off this fine morning by waking up at 4:30 am to get ready for work. Shower, getting dressed, hair done... Leave the house at 6 to be there by 6:30. On my way there I listened to "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire and "Swing Life Away" by Rise Against. They wake me up and make me smile.
my drive to work
me driving home
When I got to work I had the intention of taking pictures of where I work and all that... However, we were getting an admission to my nursing unit as soon as I arrived and the day never slowed down! When I work day shift it's 6:30-3:00. I made it out on time, even with the busy day - which is like a miracle!!!

On my drive home it was so nice out (in the high 60s / low 70s - in MARCH) I got to roll down the windows and just relax.

I stopped by the post office to check my mail and ran into a guy I graduated high school with - way back in 2007 lol - who is a police officer now. We ended up talking for 45 minutes and I was late to pick Hailey up from the daycare... Whoops!

When we got home I changed out of my uniform and decided to take Hailey to the park for a little bit. We were there for a little over an hour then came home to decide what to have for dinner.
jungle gym @ playground
me on the swings

We have this really great and popular hot dog place called "Eddy's" that opened last week. Quick, no-clean up dinner? Yes, please!

Hailey enjoying her hot dog
After that it was like 8:00 and I felt like working on some crochet things for my Etsy store. Right now I'm working on different colored hair bows for little - and big - girls.
crochet hair bows
I have a lot of days off next week and I plan on photographing all the stuff I've made recently and uploading it to my Etsy store. I want to display these bows on the super adorable bird cage I found at Michael's in Erie a few weeks ago.

birdcage - a light blue color - love it!
Now, I'm going to listen to some music, crochet a little more, and enjoy a little sweet treat for my great day :)

my treat!
Until next time,


ps- I've been using Instagram for a lot of my pictures, but not all of them... I love the way they look though!


  1. I'm jealous of your weather! it was in the 80's here. love the birdcage and the bows! cute! I'm really not jealous of your going to work at 630....I dont miss those days! lol

    1. I think I'm more productive when forced out of bed before 9 am lol. I would LOVE it to be in the 80s right now, but not with the humidity that I know Florida comes with lol I don't envy you there lady!!

      Does Zoe wear bows in her hair ever??? I'll send her some!

  2. LOVE THE BOWS!! How did I know about your etsy store!?!!? I am a horrible friend :( sorry :(

    BTW I also like how you instagram pics look. they remind me of the pictures of my parents when they were kids...they have that vintage look to them :)

  3. Very nice bows Megan! Yay! How do you like your 0630-1500 shift? I always work a 12 and can't work anything less than such :( I LOVE instagram pics! =]

  4. love the title love the song swing life away!!!
    those bows are cute! i might have to stop at your etsy store and buy a few for leah.