Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Keep My Jealousy Close Cause It's All Mine

Day Three - Wednesday March 21st, 2012

Today I woke up at 4 am, showered, got ready for work then had to wake up the Hailey! My dad usually takes her to daycare for me when I work day shift but today he had to take my Grandma and her dogs to the vet. I drove Hails over to my Aunt Debbie's house so she could take her to daycare around 9. Hailey Lynn is not happy when woken up before the sun is shining!

I rode to work with my Mom today - she's an RN in the Cardiac Cath Lab and an ICU nurse. I work on the Telemetry (heart monitor) floor so we usually end up working together a lot. It saves gas if we ride together when we can.

Once again I had full intention of taking pictures of my work place but we were so busy again today. Tomorrow is the last day I work before the weekend so hopefully I can get some pics!

After we left work we stopped at the State Store for alcohol, lol. My mom golfs with her sisters on Wednesday evenings in the summer time and they usually drink when they do it. She got a bottle of Captain Morgan's and I got a little bottle of Strawberry Arbor Mist :)

Then we picked up Hailey and went home.

Mom went golfing and Hailey and I headed in to Meadville to get her some short sleeved shirts. With 3 girl cousins just about a year older than her she gets 98% of her clothes through hand-me-downs. But, the weather is so warm and we don't have any short sleeves!!!! So we had to go fix that quickly!

We had to go to Wal*Mart to start with... I also had to pick her up some new underthings, socks, and a jacket.

We got a couple things for her best friend, Kaitlyn's, birthday party which is this Saturday at a bowling alley. My mom is going to have to take her because I work :(

I also picked up a couple summer dresses for cheap and some hair dye to start the warm weather!

I have a rule with my hair, lol - in the Spring/Summer I'm a red head! In the Fall/Winter I'm a brown or mahogany. So it's time to break out the red!!!

After Wal*Mart we tried K*Mart for t-shirts and had a few successes.

Then we went to Apple-bee's with a friend of mine that works at the daycare.

After dinner we stopped at the Shoe Department and I got the BEST RUNNING/EXERCISE SHOES EVER!!!

these are my new Skeletoes!
After we got my sweet shoes we came home and had a little treat :) Which happens to be my #marchphotoaday pic for the day!

Then Hailey went to bed and I started this

and currently look like this 

Tomorrow I'll post a pic of it all dry and pretty!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Until next time,



  1. Megan, I work on the telemetry floor also! Yay for cardiac floors haha... I wish I had someone I could ride to work with... If oly my mother were an RN also... But NO she had to go the paraprofessional way.. Oh good luck with the hair dye! I've been wanting to dye mine blonde... Lolololwe shall see!h
    How do you like your new running shoes? I've seen people do Zumba with them, sand I've wondered how comfy they can really be... Can't wait to see your finished hair! :)

  2. I give you props for being able to dye your hair yourself! I can never do it, I make my mom come over and do it lol. You had a busy day! I dont blame hailey for being grumpy waking up before the sun lol, wish mine was like that. cant wait to see the red head in you!

  3. I'm like you. I always dye my hair myself at home. :) I am just like Hailey, no sun=no waking lol
    Those shoes freak me out.....not on you just in general. i've seen them around and yeah they freak me out.