Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"There Are Days When Spelling 'Tuesday' Simply Doesn't Count"

My blog title today comes from this quote:

"You can't help respecting anybody who can spell TUESDAY, even if he doesn't spell it right; but spelling isn't everything. There are days when spelling Tuesday simply doesn't count.”
~Winnie the Pooh

I wanted to find a good title from the movie I saw today, but couldn't find any good ones. So, I'll go with what I saw last week: Winnie the Pooh <3 Moving on...

A Week in the Life of Feeling Better, Smiling More, Generally in a Better Mood Me -- Day 6 -- Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Well, thank you all for your encouragement and thoughtful words... Work is tough, but a day off always makes me feel better.

Today, even though Hailey spent the night in my bed, we did not get up until 10 am!!! Can you believe it???? It was so awesome.

Tuesday at my local movie theater is "Bargain Day" --- All movies are $5 all day, regardless of age or time of movie, and you get a free bag of popcorn. Last week, we saw Winnie the Pooh and today we saw The Smurfs.

This is our theater. It's called "The Movies @ Meadville".

Upon arriving to our theater, I notice it is quite busier than it should be for 12:15 in the afternoon on a weekday -- Even if it is bargain day! We stood in line for quite awhile but when we finally ordered our tickets the cashier asked me, "How old is your little girl?"

I said, "She'll be 4 next month, why?"

Then, she goes, "Well, we're currently running a special... All children under 8 are only $1.75."

$1.75?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I was so excited. I think that's awesome!

Hailey all ready for the movie to start.

So, we went and picked our seats...

And we waited... And waited, and waited, and waited, etc...

The movie started 15 minutes late :( otherwise, it was an okay movie, but I definately won't be buying it when it comes out. The only thing I really liked was that Neal Patrick Harris and Ms.Pillsbury from Glee were in it.

So after that, we decided to go out for lunch. About 13 feet down the road from the theater is a cute, pretty inexpensive, and delish Italian place called Valenza's.


I had really good cajun shrimp and french fries with a nice salad and Hailey had a small hand made cheese pizza. Our total bill, with tip, was $15!!! I was so excited for our cheap day that I agreed to go for ice cream :) I had chocolate chip cookie dough and Hails had some 'plain old nilla', as she calls it.

Then we had to take a short detour to the evil WalMart. She needed pull-ups... She still wears them to bed due to 'accidents'; but it's getting better. Anyway, those things are so expensive! I had a coupon but they still cost just as much as our lunch did! Rediculous.

After that we went to the post office... I keep fighting with the one lady there. I had ordered some CD's from a small record label. I don't know if any of you watch YouTube that often, but I've been obsessed with a group of YouTubers that I call "The Popular Kids" because they are all FAMOUS from being on the internet. Anyway, some of them run this record label DFTBA Records. DFTBA=Don't Forget To Be Awesome. I purchased the latest Cameleon Circuit album (they write songs about Doctor Who) and Hank Green's old one that I love. Anyways... I got an email saying they shipped it on July 23rd... And I haven't gotten anything. My cranky postal worker says the tracking number I have is bullshit and isn't indicated in their systems. I e-mailed DFTBA and asked if they new anything about it. Finally, someone at the record place got back to me and said the package got to my post office and someone sent it back. STUPID STUPID STUPID POST OFFICE. GRRRRRR. So, they'll be resending it tomorrow.

By that time it was like 4, so we came home and Hailey took a nap while I played on the computer for awhile.

Then we had dinner, chicken salads, and watched a movie with my mom and sister. We also played some Cowboy...

Mama the Cowgirl
Hailey the Cowgirl


Then it was tubby and bed.

I have to work in the morning :( When I work day shift it's 6:30-3. Evenings is 3-11:30. But, it's days tomorrow. It always goes by faster than evenings, for that I'm grateful.

School starts up at the end of the month... Did I tell you all I'm going to nursing school??? :) More on that tomorrow.

Until next time.

Me <3


  1. YAY!!!! for bargain day!!! Our theater has "recession Tuesdays" You get into any show before 7pm for $5 and a sm popcorn and sm drink combo it $2....your theater kicks my theater's butt!

    Post offices are so stupid sometimes :(
    I'm glad you are feeling better :) and that is cool that you are doing nursing school.

  2. double yay for bargin day! Your guy's movies theaters are great. Mine suck. they are the big ones that offer no deals the only good thing they did was this summer regal had the summer movie express and we went for a buck each and i signed up for yahoo free popcorn so we got free popcorn! can I move to your towns?? why did the label send it to your post office and not your house?? the usps is sucking lately. My dad works for them and now hates it and he has been with the company for 20+ years. Good for you for going back to school for nursing!!!

  3. Can't beat bargain days!! The Regals in my area do free select movies on Monday's over the summer usually.. This year was $1 movie Monday's.. It's the movie, a free small bag of popcorn or a small drink. I LOVE IT!

    USPS must hate us all.. I've been waiting for my new iPhone case which tracking label won't work either, and no one is giving me answers! Quite annoying!

    Nursing school?!?!!!! DO tell!!!!! When do you start?? I've got a TON of nclex books if you want them when I'm done! :) I'd be happy never to have to see them suckers again in my life once I'm an RN! You need to text or call me if you babe any questions and/or concerns! Think of me as your little mentor from afar :) teehee!! Yay! Another TwiNurse!!!