Monday, August 29, 2011

Scream On the Inside, Smile On the Outside

Do you ever have those days when you just feel like you'll never ever EVER get what you want out of life?

I suppose I am now a generally negative person simply because of what happened with Hailey's father and I. Those who need to know, know what happened already, so I won't go in to that.

Anyway... There are a lot of things I want to do. I think if I put it out to the world, it will happen. Simple as that, okay?

Inhale... Exhale... Just keep breathing.

1) Lose 60 pounds...
*How I'm going to do this:
-start exercising- I need tips for this, what works best? How much cardio vs how much weight, daily or weekly, etc.
-stop eating excess sweets- HOW DO I AVOID TEMPTATION?
-get off my lazy butt and just do stuff!- I spend way too much time sleeping and piss-farting around on the internet (oh the irony of posting this on a blog!)
-keep track of current weight and measurements, etc...

2) Make handmade gifts for Christmas... I'm looking to my lovely friends Allie, Ally, and Melissa and their awesome crafts to find something for the following people.
-3 aunts
-1 uncle
-3 little 4/5 year old girl cousins
---I'm open to suggustions :)

3) Start a forum like the Twilight20sMoms but base it on all the Arts/Crafts/Handmade junk we all do all the time. I miss having somewhere for us to all talk. I love the blogs we have but the commenting stuff is hard to keep an ongoing conversation on. I'm working on this, I swear.

4) Just because I can't go to nursing school right now I want to get studied up on the basics. I need to buckle down and do this.


Right now I just feel like I can't get ahead. I'm going to just start tomorrow with losing weight. Just gonna do it.

Ready... Set... Here I go.

Until next time.


ps- sorry i never finished the week in the life. i fail. :(


  1. girl I am in the same boat as you with the weight loss. My suggestion. make smaller goals. trust me on this. when you hit that first small goal you get so motivated to reach your next goal. if you have the funds I suggest joinging either a gym or weight watchers or both. I did weight watchers last year and lost 30 lbs. and i did it in 5 months. but u have to keep it up. the key to weight loss is eating right and moving. start off small. you can start walking, 30 minutes a day. and with food you need to measure. eventually your stomach will shrink and you wont require so much food. dont cut out sweets all together. eat them in moderation. if you take the things you love the most out of your life then you will go and purge and that is never good or healthy. add more veggies and fruit into your diet. just watch the starch and sugars. too much isnt always a good thing. sugar turns into fat and all that good stuff. I found that when I was losing for every lb I lost I gave myself a colored paper clip. and every week, when I would weigh in I would add to that and it kept growing. it was a nice visual to see hey I can do this and I am doing it. dont get frustrated if it takes awhile to come off. it didnt go on in a day and it wont come off in a day. :) I like the forum idea! if i knew anything about computers I would help ya out, but i dont :( if you need anyhelp just fb me!

  2. Megan, the weight loss thing is an eternal struggle we all face :( Having kids doesn't make it any easier. Your hormones go nuts and the weight just won't budge :( I agree with Allie, start small. I don't know about you but I have never been one of those "I love to exercise" people. Walking is a great start, Do you swim? Our local indoor public pool has lap swim and water aerobic classes for pretty darn cheap. I like the water stuff b/c you don't get all sweaty and it doesn't kill your joints. Try eating on small plates. It forces your portions to shrink and then your stomach shrinks and you don't need as much to feel full. Also soda is the devil! I love the damn stuff and have the hardest time avoiding it but it is the devil. Empty calories, tons of sugar, and the bubbles stretch your stomach so you need more food to fill it up. If you drink lots of soda try to cut back and maybe eventually quit it altogether. Don't try the fake sugar stuff. Your body isn't fooled and then it craves even more sugar which makes it even worse.
    I love the forum idea!! If you need to talk fb, email, txt, or even call me :)

  3. weight loss i wish i knew how. I agree with melissa, Having kids doesn't make it any easier. I'm dreading losing weight after the baby is here. ahhh

    i have a couple of wonderful sites for you. Great ideas for handmade anything! and

  4. Megan--
    Weight loss... Aaahhhh!!!! The two words every woman hates to include in her vocabulary... I agree with Allie and Melissa, start by cutting down your portions. Eat on smaller plates, smaller more frequent meals. You will learn in Nursing School that we are supposed to be eating 6 (yes six!) small colorful meals. Go with the rainbow for this one... If it's in the rainbow then it's good. Remember carbs (although sinfully delicious) give you energy once they break down into sugars. Start your day off with a small portion of carbs and some protein. (eggs are perfect here! Not fried of course!) if you wake up at 7, have a glass of water before your breakfast. By 10, have an apple (although full of NATURAL sugars it's excellent in the mornings for energy). 12- eat a small lunch. Let's say 1/3 c of pasta with your fave sauce. At 2- have another color food. 4- same. By 6 you're ready for dinner. :) moderation is definitely key for sugars. Also WATER is a good "filler" sometimes your body is just thirsty and we interpret it as hunger & we snack to our heart's content (I'm so guilty of this...) so keeping hydrated is important. I agree with Melissa about walking. Walking is awesome! It gets your muscles working your heart pumping and it's a great way to start any exercise. I have been doing Couch 2 5k and I LOVE it! I'm really starting to feel and see the difference. When I can't sleep I'll go out for a little run around the block and do some crunches and then I'm OUT. Lol. I know I've been taking Phentermine to help me jump start the weight loss, and let me tell you it's AMAZING what 1 small blue pill a day for 3 months will do to you! (down 30lbs in 3 months while giving me the energy to start running and exercising). It's a quick treatment that WORKS! and you'll feel yourself bouncing off the walls with energy. I used to do a diet journal where I would include my starting weight, small goal weights and rewards for reaching those goal weights. My first goal weight was met & I ended up getting myself a new purse (for instance).
    In regards with school... I'm here to help you!! Feel free to call, text, fb, whatever! and I'm here to help! You'll get through it! As a matter of fact, I'm sending you my health assessment/fundamentals book so you can start reading ahead :)
    I love the blog idea! Let me know how that goes! I don't offer to help out with that right now because of my lack of computer knowledge and time, but I can ask my friend Tati to help out with stuff (she's a computer whiz!) she loves doing stuff like this!
    <3 ya Megan you can do this! One step at a time! Baby steps goes a LONG way!! :) and remember to practice your CDBs! Cough and deep breathing!