Monday, August 29, 2011

Scream On the Inside, Smile On the Outside

Do you ever have those days when you just feel like you'll never ever EVER get what you want out of life?

I suppose I am now a generally negative person simply because of what happened with Hailey's father and I. Those who need to know, know what happened already, so I won't go in to that.

Anyway... There are a lot of things I want to do. I think if I put it out to the world, it will happen. Simple as that, okay?

Inhale... Exhale... Just keep breathing.

1) Lose 60 pounds...
*How I'm going to do this:
-start exercising- I need tips for this, what works best? How much cardio vs how much weight, daily or weekly, etc.
-stop eating excess sweets- HOW DO I AVOID TEMPTATION?
-get off my lazy butt and just do stuff!- I spend way too much time sleeping and piss-farting around on the internet (oh the irony of posting this on a blog!)
-keep track of current weight and measurements, etc...

2) Make handmade gifts for Christmas... I'm looking to my lovely friends Allie, Ally, and Melissa and their awesome crafts to find something for the following people.
-3 aunts
-1 uncle
-3 little 4/5 year old girl cousins
---I'm open to suggustions :)

3) Start a forum like the Twilight20sMoms but base it on all the Arts/Crafts/Handmade junk we all do all the time. I miss having somewhere for us to all talk. I love the blogs we have but the commenting stuff is hard to keep an ongoing conversation on. I'm working on this, I swear.

4) Just because I can't go to nursing school right now I want to get studied up on the basics. I need to buckle down and do this.


Right now I just feel like I can't get ahead. I'm going to just start tomorrow with losing weight. Just gonna do it.

Ready... Set... Here I go.

Until next time.


ps- sorry i never finished the week in the life. i fail. :(

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hospitals Are Highschools With Scrubs

I'm at work and shouldn't be posting. But, I just wanted to let you know I will be putting up a real blog post tomorrow morning chronicling the last few days.

Until next time.


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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"There Are Days When Spelling 'Tuesday' Simply Doesn't Count"

My blog title today comes from this quote:

"You can't help respecting anybody who can spell TUESDAY, even if he doesn't spell it right; but spelling isn't everything. There are days when spelling Tuesday simply doesn't count.”
~Winnie the Pooh

I wanted to find a good title from the movie I saw today, but couldn't find any good ones. So, I'll go with what I saw last week: Winnie the Pooh <3 Moving on...

A Week in the Life of Feeling Better, Smiling More, Generally in a Better Mood Me -- Day 6 -- Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Well, thank you all for your encouragement and thoughtful words... Work is tough, but a day off always makes me feel better.

Today, even though Hailey spent the night in my bed, we did not get up until 10 am!!! Can you believe it???? It was so awesome.

Tuesday at my local movie theater is "Bargain Day" --- All movies are $5 all day, regardless of age or time of movie, and you get a free bag of popcorn. Last week, we saw Winnie the Pooh and today we saw The Smurfs.

This is our theater. It's called "The Movies @ Meadville".

Upon arriving to our theater, I notice it is quite busier than it should be for 12:15 in the afternoon on a weekday -- Even if it is bargain day! We stood in line for quite awhile but when we finally ordered our tickets the cashier asked me, "How old is your little girl?"

I said, "She'll be 4 next month, why?"

Then, she goes, "Well, we're currently running a special... All children under 8 are only $1.75."

$1.75?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I was so excited. I think that's awesome!

Hailey all ready for the movie to start.

So, we went and picked our seats...

And we waited... And waited, and waited, and waited, etc...

The movie started 15 minutes late :( otherwise, it was an okay movie, but I definately won't be buying it when it comes out. The only thing I really liked was that Neal Patrick Harris and Ms.Pillsbury from Glee were in it.

So after that, we decided to go out for lunch. About 13 feet down the road from the theater is a cute, pretty inexpensive, and delish Italian place called Valenza's.


I had really good cajun shrimp and french fries with a nice salad and Hailey had a small hand made cheese pizza. Our total bill, with tip, was $15!!! I was so excited for our cheap day that I agreed to go for ice cream :) I had chocolate chip cookie dough and Hails had some 'plain old nilla', as she calls it.

Then we had to take a short detour to the evil WalMart. She needed pull-ups... She still wears them to bed due to 'accidents'; but it's getting better. Anyway, those things are so expensive! I had a coupon but they still cost just as much as our lunch did! Rediculous.

After that we went to the post office... I keep fighting with the one lady there. I had ordered some CD's from a small record label. I don't know if any of you watch YouTube that often, but I've been obsessed with a group of YouTubers that I call "The Popular Kids" because they are all FAMOUS from being on the internet. Anyway, some of them run this record label DFTBA Records. DFTBA=Don't Forget To Be Awesome. I purchased the latest Cameleon Circuit album (they write songs about Doctor Who) and Hank Green's old one that I love. Anyways... I got an email saying they shipped it on July 23rd... And I haven't gotten anything. My cranky postal worker says the tracking number I have is bullshit and isn't indicated in their systems. I e-mailed DFTBA and asked if they new anything about it. Finally, someone at the record place got back to me and said the package got to my post office and someone sent it back. STUPID STUPID STUPID POST OFFICE. GRRRRRR. So, they'll be resending it tomorrow.

By that time it was like 4, so we came home and Hailey took a nap while I played on the computer for awhile.

Then we had dinner, chicken salads, and watched a movie with my mom and sister. We also played some Cowboy...

Mama the Cowgirl
Hailey the Cowgirl


Then it was tubby and bed.

I have to work in the morning :( When I work day shift it's 6:30-3. Evenings is 3-11:30. But, it's days tomorrow. It always goes by faster than evenings, for that I'm grateful.

School starts up at the end of the month... Did I tell you all I'm going to nursing school??? :) More on that tomorrow.

Until next time.

Me <3

I Left the Window Open... Time and My Brain Flew Out

A Week in the Life of Forgetful, Lazy... Really Lazy Me -- Day 4 -- Sunday, August 7th, 2011 & -- Day 5 -- Monday, August 8th, 2011

i forgot.

i sorry.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Comfort Me With Apples, For I Am Sick of Love

A Week in the Life of Snot-Nosed, Pukey, In General Bad Health Me -- Day 3 -- Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Well, today I've been in bed. All day long.

The terrible night I had at work manifested itself into actual sickness.

I feel like I got run over by a bus, a dump truck, three hummers, one limo, and Air Force One.


I've watched a lot of movies and TV. Tried to read but it made me sick. I tried to chrochet but the yarn was arguing with me too much.

Tomorrow should be better, or else!

Until next time.


You Know It's a Bad Day When Your Fat Pants Are Tight

A Week in the Life of Chubby, Ugly, Zit-Faced, Unlikable Me -- Day 2 -- Friday, August 5th, 2011

Let's just go with this, and be done with it.

Until next time.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

I've Got All This Ringing in My Ears, But None On My Fingers

A Week in the Life of Boring, Small Town, Frustrated, Nerdy Me -- Day 1 -- Thursday, August 4th, 2011

00:23 - Hailey~ "Mama, can I please sleep in your bed?"
           Me~ *grumble, grumble* "I don't care" *grumble, grumble*

03:51 - *bark, bark* *wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof* *meeeeoooooooow* *rawr, hisssss* *bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, baaaaaaaaaaaaaarkkkkkkkkk*
Hailey~ "There's a monkey on my window..... *snore, snore* *kick to the shin*
Me~ *grumble, grumble, grumble*

07:45 - I wake up and look at the clock... "Holy crap, I slept past 6. I cannot believe my brain allowed such a thing to happen. That's frickin awesome."

I slowly, quietly, like "one noise and a bomb goes off" kinda quiet happening here, go out of my bedroom to use the facilities. I don't like to wake Sleeping Beauty/Beast Hailey up, unless absolutely needed.

*bark, bark, bark*

Yes Zoey, I can tell that you're awake, good for you.


Charlie, I see you haven't slept in.

I finish my business and go upstairs to see those two dogs of mine run from me in fear. "Shit", I think to myself. "What have they done now?"

Turn the corner into the kitchen... SHIT EVERYWHERE! Like, literal, dog feces. Hailey left a ballerina skirt out... It has dog crap on it. The nice cushions my mom has on the kitchen chairs, brown stink on all 4 of them. The rug? Yep. In front of the door? Yep. Needless to say, this is NOT how I wanted to start my day.

I clean everything up, tie Charlie and Zoey up outside, and go find the cats. Now, we have four cats in our house... Whiskers, who was my sister's birthday present approximatley 15 years ago, is a serious bitch. She hates the other animals and turns her nose up at you if you speak to her. Shadow was my birthday present 12 years ago and is totally nuts. She has some effed up meow from a big fight she got into with the neighbor cat and walks with a limp. Hailey received two baby kittens a couple months ago; they have a tooooooooooon of energy and never sleep. Like, ever. The only thing I like about them is their names: Dobby and Pippin.

Anyway, I find the cats and make sure they've eaten and their litter boxes (plural, like 3) are all cleaned out. Next I hear this incredibly loud, "MOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMYYYYY, I POOOOOOOOOOOOPED!" For some reason, the kid gets super excited when this happens. I think it's because from the time she was born until about  a year ago, the kid was always constipated. It was totally frustrating for everyone. Okay, so I think I've already filled my poo-quoto for the day by now.

It's still only like, 08:15 at this point, and Hailey wants "To get dressed right now, right now, and I need a banana and my chocolate milk, and can you do my hair nice for me Mommy, and I want you to brush it slow so I won't cry, and can I have a yogurt with my banana, and when is Nana coming home from bacation and where do we get to go today and" blah blah blah.

So I find her something to wear and I sit down to do her hair... I'm going to stop for a second and tell you just how big of a chore this is every day.

This is her hair. Yep... We've cut it ONE TIME since she was born. She screams when someone shows her scissors. It's usually much more curly, but she had slept in a braid the night before.

So, she already starts to get figity; it's quite hard to tame that mane, let me tell you.

Me~ "Okay, what kind of hair do you want to have today?"

Hailey~ "Ummmmm, let. me. think. hmmmmmm. hmmmmmmm. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"

Me~ "Bubba, can you tell me quick? We have some stuff to do today."

Hailey~ "I gots it! I want the braidy thing that Ari had at school the other day."

Wonderful. Great. Grand. Perfect. It's like a complicated, multi step, braid that it's attached to the head. I can't explain. Anywho, I turn on the TV to distract her and astonishingly, ten minutes later we are left with this:

I'm feeling pretty good now!

So, moving along... I get Hailey her breakfast and take my shower.

I sit down to check my e-mail, the latest on YouTube, and ADF, and fanfiction, and facebook, and twitter, and...

Glance at the clock... "Holy crap! It's 12:30!!!"

That's how bad I am at time management!!!!!!!!!!

I ask Hailey to clean up her room and we head to the car.
We have to drive downtown to the post office; it takes about five minutes.

Of course, the bitchy-ist lady is working today. I've been waiting for a Netflix DVD since last Friday and she insists that it isn't anywhere there. Netflix says they sent it. He said, she said, blah blah blah. I'm also waiting on 2 CD's I ordered from a small label in the MidWest. Since ten days ago. Stupid post office. Stupid government. Stupid stupid stupid.

We also got gas at Sheetz and then stopped at Dollar General for a unique variety of items including cat liter, band aids, chocolate italian straw cookies, and Dr.Pepper.

At this point, it's almost 2 and I promised my cousin I'd drive her into work at 3.

We went home, had some lunch, and read some books.

After taking her to work, Hailey and I went home and she wanted to take a nap.

So, she fell asleep around 3:20 or so (with her Barbie and the Magic of the Rainbow), and I decided to watch Percy Jackson and crochet a bit.

Three hours later and I look at the clock again... "Holy freaking crap!"

Hailey will not go to bed if she takes a nice five hour nap, so I wake her up and she yells at me. For a solid hour while I make dinner (tuna noodle). And still when I'm doing the dishes.

She finally stops when I say she can play in her room and watch the Disney Channel.

I sit down at my desk, open my laptop... And notice that I should be posting an entry in the blog for the start of the "Week in the Life of Me" project. One day in, and I'm total fail already.

I had to sit here for almost an hour to figure out what I wanted to write.
I promise that they won't all be like this :) Don't worry; I definately won't be writing play by plays of my day in each post!

Hailey just came in and said she was on an adventure and had to "turn into a super princess, I'll be right back Mama".

*five minutes of waiting*


I love her, a whole lot. But, she is so loud all the time and I have an almost constant migraine! I wish I could go out and meet people, but she freaks if I go someplace without her.

It is one of my goals in the upcoming year to meet five new people, and at least one of them must be male!!! Lonelyness stinks! Worse than the dog poo.
So, what have we learned from this, kids?

#1 - I lack the essential time managment skills needed for someone of my age, parental status, and job class.
#2 - I space off a lot doing almost everything.
#3 - Poop is gross. And it is everywhere.
#4 - My life is super boring.

Until next time.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time Management Skills and Why I Lack Them

Blog. What does the word even mean? Why has man kind, in all it's ever growing knowledge, decided that the best way to express who we are and what we want is my technological means?

Honestly, I have no idea... But, I'm not a leader; I'm a follower. Let's jump on the bandwagon... Get with the times... Try to play catch up to what most other's have been doing for years.

First things first... I'm kinda only starting this because a friend of mine, Allie (her blog, Summer Creations) rounded up our old group of friends and convinced us, very easily I might add, that we should do a "Week in the Life" type thing. This will enable us to see what everyone's been up to, in a creative, fun, and - dare I say, easy - way.

I'm just gonna come out and say it; I'm a really crappy friend. I make promises that I don't keep, I suck at returning phone calls or texts, and I'm generally too lazy to initiate conversation. I'm always in the mindset of "Hey, there's probably a really great book on the shelf over there that I haven't started yet" or "Hmmm, my kid probably wants me to play with her today". And then I end up forgetting what I've promised or who text me six weeks ago.

Then, there's this thing that I do where I make a mental list of all the things I want to do like catch up on my YouTube subscriptions, read that Twi-fic everyone's been talking about on ADF, crochet that eff-awesome pattern I found on Ravelry, etc... So between working, raising my child, getting ready to go back to school, and keep up on my internet addictions... Friends have kinda, fallen by the way-side. There just isn't that much time for everything and my mental list has prioritized things in a crap way.

The ladies that will be doing this blog thing with me actually live all over the country... One could defend that this is the reason I haven't talked to most of them in months. But, sadly, I haven't talked to any of my real life friends in as long, or longer in some cases.

I don't know how I can make this better all at one time, but, I'm hoping the blog will help with my old Twilight20sMoms :) I sure have missed them.

So... As I sit here, drinking my honey-chamomile tea (yummy), I vow to update this blog at least twice a week. But... Remember what I said earlier about my promises...

Until next time.